May 24, 2024

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Gojek Clone – Earn Substantial Revenue With On-demand Multi-services App

gojek clone

The modern world is hinged upon technology. Every new day brings with itself a flood of the new. We are witnessing an era of advancements on the technological front that can make life a lot easier than we could have ever imagined. The Gojek Clone app is one such example. 


The Gojek Clone app is a multi-service platform that is accessible to users on their smartphone. This means that users who wish to hire service providers can easily click a few buttons on their smart phones in order to access a database of service providers, along with pertinent information that can help them make a decision regarding who they wish to get to do the job they have in mind. 

The app works by using a complex chain of codes and matrixes that makes it possible for registered service providers to showcase:

  1. Their expertise
  2. Their experience
  3. User ratings
  4. Professional prowess
  5. Reviews given to them by their other users/ clients/ customers
  6. Their quoted price (whether hourly or task based) for different services that they offer

Once the user opens the app, he or she can choose from a range of over 82 different services the one that they want to hire a service provider for. Once they do that, they will reach a landing page where they can further select multiple categories and distinctions, post which, they can access a list of service providers, that also mentions all the given details along with their availability. Based on this information, the user can now select the service provider they would like to hire. 

However, since this app is just as much for the service provider, as it is for the customers, the selection made by the end user appears to the chosen service provider in the form of a request that the service provider can accept or reject based on their convenience. In case the request is rejected, the user is notified of the same and can then move on to the next selection till the time that the service provider accepts it. 

Upon accepting, details of the job, including the location where it needs to be delivered is shared with the service provider who can then reach the given destination in order to do so. The app allows the service provider to mark the job as started on the app and completed as well, upon which the app automatically generates an invoice and facilitates online payment option using the in app wallet, or by cash in case the customer chooses so. 

Each time the app is used to hire any kind of service provider the app owner makes a handsome commission. 


Many entrepreneurs find it a little complicated to understand how the app can channelize their income in the most streamlined fashion in order to boost their revenue. So here’s what it is. The app acts as a platform that allows service providers to earn more. As a premium for enabling service providers to utilize the potential of the digital platform that is the App Like Gojek, the app owner charges a premium for it. This premium is in the form of a commission. 

The best thing about the Gojek Clone app is that this commission is in the form of a percentage that can be set by the app owner as per their choice. This means that the app owner gets to decide how much they wish to earn from the app. 

Now, since all services are different, they are priced differently leaving different rooms for profitability for different service providers, the app owner can set a different commission percentage for each of the 82 + services available in the app.

Gojek Clone KingX 2022 

Let us understand this better using an example. The app has multiple services within its foray. Two amongst those are baby sitting and electrical works. Now, a baby sitter makes a lot less money than an electrician. This is why; the app owner can charge separately to the baby sitter and the electrician. For example, he or she can charge 2 % commission from all baby sitting jobs and 5 % commission from all electrician jobs. 

This convenience allows the app owners to increase their revenue because they can charge as much as they like from various professions. For jobs such as on demand doctor and for on demand beautician, they can choose to charge a 20 % commission and grow their revenues. 

Apart from this, another great way to increase your revenue substantially with the help of the Gojek Clone app is by using the banner space in the app as a platform for advertisement. People can pay you to project their advertisement on the page service wise, location wise and more. 


If you are an entrepreneur with the desire to make a whole lot of profits and get to the market as fast as you can, then chances are you would prefer to invest in a ready-made Gojek Clone app rather than building an app from scratch. 

This is a much more cost effective and time efficient option. The only thing that you should concern yourself with is looking for a mobile app development company that has experience in building and launching the Gojek Clone app and also offers white label services. 

The process of white labelling the app with your logo and brand name and adding custom changes such as integrating your choice of local language and integrating your choice of local currency to the app should only take around 4 to 5 business days. After this, your app can be launched on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. This would allow you to reach the market and start earning within money within a week’s time. The faster you enter the market, the sooner can you break even and then make profits. So, take the call now and get your own Gojek Clone multi services super app NOW!