May 24, 2024

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Weird Hacks To Care For Your Plants

The world is going green and while it is doing so, the idea of simply buying flowers and giving them has gone out of the window. The concept of green gifting has gone pretty viral and more and more people are choosing to gift little potted plants to each other as a way of helping the environment while making people happy.

This is probably also a big reason why more and more people are setting their sights on a new form of business that is emerging, namely, the “send flowers online” kind of apps.  People have gotten really busy these days and such apps help them deliver green gifts to people anywhere with the help of a single click of a button. 

But before we get going on how you can develop and expand this in to your own business, here are a few tips that will help you grow better plants quickly!

Rose in a Potato

Nature is truly weird. The moment you think you understand science, it throws a rock at you and changes every dynamic that you thought was possible. So, here’s another cutesy natural thing that you can do to grow better roses. 

When you are trying to plant a rose, just stick a graft into a potato. Yes! The potato proves to be the best place to stick a graft in because it helps in growing your plant easily. All you need to do it put the graft in a potato and then bury the potato in some good soil. That’s all. The beautiful rose plant will grow much faster and healthier than in any other way.

Eggshell, much 

While eggshell also happens to be our favorite colour, here’s a neat trick to try with the leftover ones at home. If you are trying o grow nay flowering plant, chances are, you’ve been asked to spend some money on it. Well, here’s something you can try for free.

Make a good breakfast of boiled eggs and eat them. Once you are full, take the waste egg shells and grind them into powder (or paste, because they’ll still be sorta wet). Add this paste to a bulk of soil and pot your plant in this soil. You just make calcium rich soil absolutely free. 

Get a ProFlowers App Clone

While this trick isn’t going to help you grow ‘them plants, it will surely help you get them flying out of your nursery at top prices. The Pro Flowers App clone is essentially an app that allows people to place orders for flowers and plants online and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Now whether people are buying for themselves or giving it as a gift, all they need to do is download the app and select the store of their choice. Then they select the item that they want to buy and that’s it! They can get it delivered. It increases their access to the different options you are making available for them using your “send flowers online app”!